Sofia N

As a linguist with 6 years of experience in copywriting, content marketing, and copyediting, Sofia is a versatile writer with a knack for crafting compelling content that engages and informs readers. With a deep understanding of language and a passion for storytelling, Sofia has honed the art of tailoring content to a specific audience and platform, whether it be social media, blogs, or web copy.

Sofia N · 21.05.2023

Getting the verified badge for your YouTube channel can become the starting point of growth on the platform, resulting in many benefits.

Sofia N · 20.05.2023

Linking up and sharing videos between your active Instagram page and YouTube channel can be a good idea for cross marketing.

Sofia N · 19.05.2023

Sometimes it might be more comfortable to access YouTube on desktop on your mobile. For whatever reason, here's how you do it.

Sofia N · 18.05.2023

How much do YouTubers earn? Several popular YouTubers have become celebrities and have generated a lot of money just from content creation.

Sofia N · 17.05.2023

If for some reason you want to deactivate Likes or Dislikes on your YouTube channel but don't know how to do it, here's what you need to know.

Sofia N · 16.05.2023

Despite what you might be used to, there is no "default" language when it comes to YouTube and it's possible to change it with these easy steps.

Sofia N · 15.05.2023

Want to know how to get paid for YouTube shorts? Compared to full length videos, Shorts might be your breakthrough on the platform.

Sofia N · 12.05.2023

How do you restore suspended YouTube account? There are several types of suspensions on the platform and the ways to lift them up.

Sofia N · 05.05.2023

We answer the most important question: what is the best time to publish YouTube Short for more traffic?