Why Us?

11 solid reasons why the video and music world loves us

1. Jaynike is the market leader

Many are the companies offering music and video marketing services, but very few will give you the kind of results you will get from us. We are not just selling the services, but they are based on our experiences as content creators, and this is what separates us from the other service providers that mostly use bots to grow your channel. If you are wondering whether or not you should work with us, here are ten solid reasons why we are such a darling to the music and video creators from all over the world.

2. We are an established brand

We started small, but through the years, the reputation of our work has made us become of the trusted sellers in the industry. We have worked with various kinds of clients, including solo artists, video creators, marketers and many other people who were interested in growing their channels organically. Read reviews from our past clients.

3. We rank highly in Google

We would be pretending to claim that we are leaders in our industry yet we don’t have the results to show for it. But the good news is that we practice what we preach, and if you search in Google, you are going to see us ranking very highly up on the search engine. We will use our methods to also help you get similar results.

4. High quality subscribers, followers and likes

The reputation we have built over the years does allow us to play dirty tricks on your channels. From us, you can expect to get nothing but quality subscribers, followers and likes. This is because we use real people who actually watch, like, comment and follow your videos. This is the best way to grow your channel organically.

5. Inexpensive packages

Though we offer very high quality services, our rates remain to be among the friendly ones you will ever find in the industry. Again, this is drawn from our own experiences. We spent a lot money on services that got our accounts banned. You don’t have to experience that. Our packages are competitively priced, and we promise true value for your money.

6. Increase your organic growth

With likes, comments and shares, you will reach more people through the increased rankings, and this will set you on the right path for organic growth. And the channel starts growing, it can only improve. But without the necessary engagement, your growth will be stunted, and you will never reap the full benefits of your efforts.

7. Customer Orientated

In our business, our customers will always come first. We are always ready to serve you and ensure that you get exactly what you wanted. Whether it is on the phone, email or through chat, you can trust that our chat staff will give you a very good experience.

8. Fast delivery

We know how you desire to people react with your videos and songs so that you can get set on the path to organic growth. Due to this, we take pleasure in delivering your order. With every order, we guarantee fast, quick and efficient delivery so that your songs and videos can get the moment you so desire to have for growth.

9. Targeted followers and subscribers

With our services, you get only targeted followers and subscribers. It means that those who will be interacting with your videos will be guys who will be truly interested in what you have to offer them. They will be passionate individuals about your songs and videos. Nothing random from Jaynike!

10. Increased brand reputation

The more people like, share and comment on your songs and videos, the more you get noticed, and with no time, you shall have increased your subscriber’s base. And with that, you will also benefit from increased brand reputation. We have every service you need to explode your social media channels so that you gain the reputation you have always wanted.

11. More traffic and higher rankings in Google

It is never a walk in the park to rank your videos highly on search engines like Google. However, if you can get the right engagement, then this is something you can achieve in no minute. Social signals such as likes, shares, and comments are vital metrics used by the search engines to rank content. If you have a lot of them, it means that your content is great, and this is exactly what the search engines need to give you higher rankings. Our services are designed to help you get that. And with this also comes increased rankings.

Still not sure what you need?

We have packages that will meet every need you have. If you are still not sure which one to choose, kindly get in touch with us and we will be very delighted to help you out.