Our Story

The story behind Jaynike

A Social Media revolution was born

Due to our painful experiences in trying to get engagements in our videos and songs, we decided to make the journey less painful for you. We have come up with the last solution you will ever need to see your songs and video get noticed, grow organically and get you the results you want.

Our frustrations led to the birth of a social media revolution so that you can find it smooth sailing in getting the success you have always wanted from your videos and songs. Let us walk with you in your journey for success and see good things coming to your channel and to your life!

Market Leader in Video & Music Marketing

We specialize in selling real YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify services to help get your video and music to the masses. We know how frustrating to be uploading music or videos every now and then only for you to come back a few days or weeks to find that no one watched it.

We have been there, and now we have a solution that will put a smile on your face. Our services are real – the views, likes and comments are made by real human beings.

As such, you don’t have to worry about getting your account banned for bot-like activities. We have lost accounts in the past and we know exactly how to do things right so that you are not worried about losing accounts.

Nothing but Premium Quality

We are not just providers of a service. We also use the services ourselves, and this is what makes us different from the rest and give us the status of industry leaders. What you get from us are real views, likes and comments. It means that real people will actually watch your videos and listen to your songs, and post real engagements.

It happens in the most natural way you can imagine. This also mean that your account will be very safe and you will not have to worry about getting banned or suspended. And to crown it all, we deliver very fast services. You don’t have to wait for weeks or days to start seeing your videos and songs getting the attention they deserve. Try us out today, and watch your efforts bring results.

Your satisfaction is our motivation

Being a customer-oriented entity, our joy is to see you pleased with our services and we will stop at nothing to see that happens. Our customer support is not only superior, but also designed to ensure that you get the very good experience when using our services. We are easily accessible on email or you can always chat with us instantly via our Chat Support on the website. Engage us at any time, and it will be our pleasure to serve you.

Still not sure what you need?

We have packages that will meet every need you have. If you are still not sure which one to choose, kindly get in touch with us and we will be very delighted to help you out.