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We are one of the fastest-growing social media agencies with over 60,000 monthly customers

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We are a globally recognized social media agency dedicated to helping individuals and companies explode their social media channels with real likes, views, subscribers, followers, and other social signals. With more than 50,000 monthly customers, we have got our act together. We usually seek talented individuals interested in establishing careers as social media experts to join our dynamic global team. This is a chance that will expose you to the best social media marketing techniques in the world, and you will also have the opportunity to work with some of the leading brands in the world.

We are a Passionate Team of Marketers

Our team primarily comprises of the young. We love what we do, and we work in such a great environment. The projects we work on and the clients we work for are also awe-inspiring individuals. Join us today for a different but exciting work culture.

Our Brand is Iconic

If you are keen on building and growing your career, then working for some obscure company is the last thing you would hope for. The good news is that we are not that obscure brand or company. We are a real market leader with an iconic brand. When you work with us, you will have the pleasure of working with one of the most prestigious social media marketing companies globally.

Your Benefits

Many goodies will come with working for Jaynike! Besides being part of a passionate team and being associated with an iconic brand, you will also enjoy excellent pay perks. Additionally, you will receive on-going training on what is working best at the moment, including marketing tools, tips, techniques, and approaches that are currently bringing significant results to clients. It is an excellent opportunity for career growth because being a digital marketer is all you have ever wanted.

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