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Greg · 25.08.2019

Every day we see new artists pop up in our news feeds and they get fame pretty fast. It’s not easy, but everyone can replicate those types of success.

Greg · 16.08.2019

Let’s get straight to facts – the music industry is changing, and people love it.

Greg · 03.08.2019

We have covered insider tips about the Spotify platforms. Hope you had a great time reading and enjoyed every aspect of our guideline.

Greg · 17.07.2019

Social media is essential in everyday life. When Facebook reached 1 billion users back in 4 years ago, everyone went crazy.

Greg · 05.07.2019

We have decided to create a second part explaining how to cross-promote your Spotify stuff on other social networks.

Greg · 29.06.2019

In the 21st century, musicians have various platforms where they can produce their music tracks and get fame.

Greg · 26.06.2019

The world is changing, and we got new options in every industry. Musicians are on top of the world as music is something that everyone consumes.

Greg · 21.06.2019

Spotify is one of the leading music platforms where millions of users listen to music and podcasts every day.

Greg · 20.06.2019

There are hundreds of entertainment apps these days but only a few of them stand out in the crowd.