Annie Shidlovskaya

Annie is working as a computer scientist and likes spending time with their friends. Sometimes she is writing articles about social media.

Annie Shidlovskaya · 17.08.2021

Do you want to know ways to get more likes, comments and engagement? read our article!

Annie Shidlovskaya · 15.08.2021

This article covers top reasons to buy YouTube subscribers.

Annie Shidlovskaya · 08.08.2021

If you want to get successful on Spotify, it's important to have cheap Spotify plays and followers.

Annie Shidlovskaya · 07.08.2021

We talk about the rules on how to get an artists profile on Spotify

Annie Shidlovskaya · 04.08.2021

We talk about the tips on how to get Spotify playlist followers

Annie Shidlovskaya · 01.08.2021

Spotify playlist followers are important for every musician

Annie Shidlovskaya · 31.07.2021

What happens when you buy real Spotify followers? Algorithm boost your track organically

Annie Shidlovskaya · 06.05.2021

Video marketing trends that are going to dominate world in 2021

Annie Shidlovskaya · 27.04.2021

A comprehensive guide to musicians who want to learn more about the music marketing