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TF · 01.02.2024

YouTube had a good profit in the last quarter of the 2023

TF · 30.01.2024

New user experience is implemented on Spotify and it has good reviews

TF · 29.01.2024

layoffs in Google therefore YouTube is still continuing and it has no stop sign yet

TF · 22.01.2024

YouTube has a new feature that helps user to find the most accurate health info

TF · 10.01.2024

YouTube is taking a step in a new movement called AI generated content against minors and crime victims

TF · 30.12.2023

New system will be implemented on YouTube videos for the Google classroom features

TF · 15.12.2023

As we know Spotify starts AI innovative music curation tool

TF · 11.12.2023

Spotify wants to reduce the workforce by the large means

TF · 10.12.2023

Spotify and Apple Music is getting big recognition from TikTok and its team